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Zenith Trans is a logistics company with a broad variety of transport services. The combination of customised owned fleet and a greatly built partner network we are managing to cover all of the needs of our exisiting and newcoming customers.

Cargo Ship at Sea

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In the current fast paced climate and the ongoing changes coming into the manufacturing industry we are able to fullfill of all our customers needs regardless of how specific they might. Working with a highly trained and a motivated team, each customer is receiving the expected service 24hours in the day, 7 days a week,  365 days




We are extremely proud that we provide services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Health, Hotel and Retail Industry. Ranging from a small box with a tight deadline, to a 40ft container going across continents, we are one phone call away from making it happen.

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Fleet Management

The start of any small to a medium sized transport company is hard step, especially in today's fast-paced environment. We provide full assistance in building the right fleet, managing the existing one and even advising on legal matters for the future.

Optimising and IT integration

Over the time, we have managed to build a range of IT services that provide full visibility to our customers, including real-time tracking of our vehicles, automated reports 24/7, flights and air cargo tracking, and a web-based portal for a full in-depth insight for shipment tracking.

Delivery Van

Time is money. We save you both.

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